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The Delightful DELRAY Vinyl Alternating Picket Fence: A Touch of Charm and Practicality for Your Yard

Welcome to the world of fencing where functionality meets flair! Introducing the DELRAY Vinyl Alternating Picket Fence—a perfect blend of elegance and practicality for any outdoor space. Whether you’re looking to add a dash of style to your front yard or seeking a semi-private retreat in your backyard, this fence has got you covered. Delray   Why Choose DELRAY Vinyl Alternating Picket Fence? Semi-Privacy at Its Best: The DELRAY Vinyl Alternating Picket Fence offers just the right amount of privacy without completely closing off your yard. With 9/16″ spacing between pickets and an additional 7/8″ x 1.5″ picket between each […]


CURRENT TRENDS IN VINYL FENCE COLORS At PVC Fence Supply, we offer a wide variety of colors and textures, and we specialize in customizing unique fence vinyl styles based on our clients’ specifications. The vinyl fencing industry has experienced significant advancements in recent years, leading to several standout trends in colors, textures, and exclusive designs. Here, we highlight some of these trends: • Wood-Textured Vinyl Fences: Vinyl fences that replicate the aesthetic appeal of wood have become immensely popular, mainly due to their low maintenance requirements. The trending colors and tones range from light grey to black (cold colors) and […]

Enhancing Hurricane Wind Resistance for PVC and Vinyl Fencing in Florida

Aluminum Stiffeners for Vinyl Fencing Posts, Rails and gates When it comes to protecting your property in Florida, particularly during hurricane season, durable and reliable fencing is crucial. The most recent Building codes in Florida require fence structures to withstand high wind speeds and potential storm damage. This is where aluminum stiffeners for posts and rails play a vital role in enhancing the hurricane wind resistance of PVC and vinyl fencing. South Florida vinyl fencing engineering is calling for reinforcements that will help the integrity and structure when exposed to the elements of the area. In this comprehensive guide, we […]


Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide for DIY Vinyl Fence Installation in South Florida’s – Miami Dade, Monroe, Broward, Palm Beach, and Saint Lucie Counties   Welcome to Pvc Fence Supply’s comprehensive guide for DIY vinyl fence installation in South Florida! By following these instructions, homeowners and property owners in Miami Dade, Monroe, Broward, Palm Beach, and Saint Lucie counties can SAVE BIG MONEY on professional installation and take pride in completing the project themselves. Vinyl fences offer durability, low maintenance, and visually appealing curb appeal, making them a popular choice. Prioritize safety, adhere to local regulations and building codes, and get quality […]

The Top Seller Vinyl Fence Styles from PVC Fence Supply

At PVC Fence Supply, we manufacture and distribute more than simple plastic fences. Our products are reinforced and designed to be extra-durable, without compromising elegant and innovative aesthetics. With the help of advanced technology, we have created more than 15 exclusive fence designs that vary in dimension, picket opening and more characteristics. You already know acquiring a new vinyl fence will help you increase the curb appeal of your property, provide protection to your loved ones and give you the privacy you’re looking for. What you may not know yet is which fence style is the right fit for your […]

Which Is Better: Wood vs Vinyl Fence

The Looks Vinyl and wood fences can be made to look ultra-modern or rustic, or anything in between. You may find both varieties of fence in many different colors and textures to suit your taste. Wood is a common choice if you’re going for a rustic aesthetic, but while wood offers many customization possibilities, vinyl offers even more. PVC Fences are manufactured in a broad range of colors, styles, and designs. Vinyl fences are widely available, and many are made to seem like other materials like wood, iron, stone, while keeping the advantages of pvc fencing. Durability Wood fences can […]

Is It Easy To Install A Vinyl Fence In South Florida & Central Florida?

Yes! And because of this, plenty homeowners in South and Central Florida are DIYers when it comes to installing their own PVC Fence. Many people consider vinyl fence installation easier than installing any other form of fence. Placing vinyl panels is a breeze: Snapping parts together by hand with few or no tools required is not unusual! However, correctly positioning the posts can be for some the most complex part of installing a vinyl fence. Your new fence won’t hold together unless the posts are precisely spaced and leveled with each other. After that, snapping panels between them is like […]

The Right Way To Clean A Vinyl Fence

You can’t go wrong with a vinyl fence around your property. They’re a breeze to set up, look terrific, and provide the utmost security. Vinyl fencing’s shiny modern appearance appeals to many homeowners because it requires far less upkeep than traditional wooden fencing. In contrast to fences made of many other materials, vinyl ones are astonishingly simple to maintain. Additionally, PVC fences never rot, warp, or crack. It doesn’t attract insects and can be left unpainted and unscraped. However, vinyl fences are constantly exposed to pollution, so they should be washed and wiped down to keep their clean look. This […]

The Strongest Hurricane Wind Resistant Fence in South Florida is Shadow Box by PvcFenceSupply

When it comes to choosing a fence for your Florida property, make sure you get the STRONGEST wind-resistant fence in the market, such as the St Lucie Shadowbox fence!

5 Reasons To Get A Vinyl Fence For Your Property

1.Keep loved ones in and intruders out: We understand parents concern about children getting out of their property without their supervision. Home owners who have pets such as dogs may also face this same issue. We have your back! A reinforced vinyl fence sets boundaries without compromising your property’s looks. Allow yourself and your loved ones to take full advantage of your home and yard without worrying about unwanted intruders coming in. Without a doubt, PVC Fences are a great security enhancing option for your home! 2. Durable and Low Maintenance Materials: Our vinyl fences are manufactured with reinforced pickets […]

The Best Vinyl Fence Supplier In The Bahamas

Get the highest quality pvc fence manufactured in the USA directly to your home in The Bahamas. Premium materials, lowest prices. We ship internationally!

The 5 Star Vinyl Fence Manufacturer

Why settle for less than the best? You already know PVC Fence Supply manufactures and distributes only the highest quality pvc materials. This means we, as a fence company, have very strict quality standards when it comes to both our products and service. For instance, the pickets used for the pvc panels we manufacture are extra reinforced and durable against strong winds. Vinyl materials are coated with a protective layer including protection against UV rays, which prevents them from losing color and provides overall resistance to environmental factors.  There is a number of fence companies out there, and lets face […]

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