5 Reasons To Get A Vinyl Fence For Your Property

1.Keep loved ones in and intruders out:

We understand parents concern about children getting out of their property without their supervision. Home owners who have pets such as dogs may also face this same issue. We have your back! A reinforced vinyl fence sets boundaries without compromising your property’s looks. Allow yourself and your loved ones to take full advantage of your home and yard without worrying about unwanted intruders coming in. Without a doubt, PVC Fences are a great security enhancing option for your home!

2. Durable and Low Maintenance Materials:

Our vinyl fences are manufactured with reinforced pickets that are made to resist even the strongest Florida winds. Did you know they don’t need to be repainted on a regular basis to maintain their beauty? Furthermore, bug infestations are not a problem with vinyl fences. These fences are remarkably simple to maintain for long periods of time. Our vinyl fences are specially designed to keep their color and their “new fence” look for a considerably longer time than conventional fence materials, even in the harshest weather conditions. 

3. Versatility / variety of color and styles:

Although white is the most common color, we manufacture vinyl fence in other hues too, such as solid gray, tan and black. This makes PVC fences specially versatile since, depending on fence style and color, they can adapt to whatever scenery your property is settled in. Colors may also be blended in some fence types, something you may not be aware of. You could, for example, choose a fence with a white frame and tan pickets. What about the styles? We manufacture privacy vinyl fences, semi privacy vinyl fences, picket vinyl fences and ranch rail vinyl fences. Each one of them provides a different aesthetic and serve a specific purpose:

Privacy Style

Full privacy fences are what you’re searching for if you want utmost privacy from your neighbors. There are no gaps between the posts in this form of fence, and it comes in a wide range of heights. 

Palm Beach Fence Pvc Full Privacy Video 360 Gif

Semi-Privacy Style

A semi-privacy vinyl fence is the way to go if you want solitude with some air circulation. These fences contain a little gap between the pickets, allowing for just the right amount of air movement. 

Picket Style

Picket fences are the way to go if you want a traditional and beautiful design. You may use them to define limits when presenting your property. It’s like having the best of both worlds! 

Fort Lauderdale Fence Style Open Picket Vinyl Video 360 Gif

Ranch Rail Style

Ranch rail fencing may be utilized to surround your farm, agricultural area, recreational property, streets, and horse riding facilities with a magnificent touch. PVC (vinyl with a traditional look) comes in two, three, and four rail configurations. You’ll discover a wide range of heights, variants, and railing spacing at PVC Fence Supply.

Wellington Vinyl Horizontal 2 Rails Ranch Fence Style Semi Privacy Video 360 Gif

Click here to take a further look at all of our fence styles.

4. Environmentally Friendly fences:

Built of non-toxic materials, this prevents them from being discharged into the atmosphere. Furthermore, the vinyl used to construct fences is recyclable. This means a fence can be recycled when changed, resulting in the least amount of environmental damage. This eco-friendly solution might assist to improve the property’s appearance, especially if you want to sell or rent it out. Vinyl fence has a number of advantages, one of which is its environmental friendliness.

5. Its Extremely Simple to Clean 

As simple as taking soap and water and rubbing any filth on your fence. Since vinyl fences are non-porous (contrary to wood materials), stains and dirt can be easily removed. If you find any mildew, adding a little bit of bleach to the water can help you get it out of your way.


With us you get high quality for low prices: vinyl fences are popular for a variety of reasons, one of which is their low cost. These fences are relatively inexpensive to install, making them an excellent choice for your house. 

Don’t be fooled! not every PVC fence product you find in the market is manufactured out of high quality materials! As a matter of fact, most of your regular wholesalers will provide cheap manufactured products that naturally don’t cost much. Rest assured we have your back!

PVC Fence Supply cares about its clients. We want YOU to have a reinforced, great quality fence that will last without paying insane amounts of money. 

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