Is It Easy To Install A Vinyl Fence In South Florida & Central Florida?

Yes! And because of this, plenty homeowners in South and Central Florida are DIYers when it comes to installing their own PVC Fence. Many people consider vinyl fence installation easier than installing any other form of fence. Placing vinyl panels is a breeze: Snapping parts together by hand with few or no tools required is not unusual! However, correctly positioning the posts can be for some the most complex part of installing a vinyl fence. Your new fence won’t hold together unless the posts are precisely spaced and leveled with each other. After that, snapping panels between them is like playing with big legos! 

Since placing posts is the hardest part of installing a PVC Fence, here are the most important steps you need to follow to successfully install vinyl fence posts and panels:

Step 1

  • To properly position your fence posts, you must first determine the exact dimensions of your fence panels. Since vinyl fence panels are manufactured with the exact proportions to go around all of your desired perimeter, it is important to thoroughly check your measurements and mark the ground before placing posts.

Step 2

  • Use a motorized auger or post hole digger to create holes for the posts. You should dig holes that are 10 inches in diameter and deep enough to accommodate a third of the pole’s length plus 6 inches of gravel backfill. Posts used for gates and major supports should typically be 6 inches deeper than standard posts. The regulations in your area should be followed before digging any post holes. 

Step 3

  • Fill the holes with quick-set concrete after first pouring 6 inches of gravel into them.

Step 4

  • Start with the primary posts and place one in each hole, then tap them down until they are flush with the gravel. Ensure the levelness and plumbness of each post before continuing on. 

Step 5

  • After the concrete has hardened, you may start setting up the remaining posts and rails for your fence. The vinyl panels are installed by first sliding them onto the rail brackets and then screwing them into place. 

Step 6

  • When setting up the gate and hardware, be sure to follow the directions provided by the manufacturer.

What is the Price of a Vinyl Fence Installation in South and Central Florida? 

The price of having a vinyl fence installed depends on factors such as the length of fencing you need, the type of fence you desire, and whether or not you want gates, post toppers, or any other ornamental features. Location is a potential additional cost factor. A fence installed on uneven terrain may cost twice as much as one installed on level ground. Get our help to determine the exact cost of manufacturing!


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