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PVC Fence Supply is South Florida’s premier fencing fabricator and distributor. We provide South Florida homeowners and contractors with the highest grade vinyl fencing materials available anywhere in the country. Get started with your next PVC fence project by calling us or request an estimate online.

We sell only the best quality PVC fence products on the market.

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We sell a wide selection of various PVC fencing sections ranging from vinyl privacy fence, vinyl picket fence, vinyl shadowbox fence all the way to vinyl ranch fencing. Since vinyl fences are highly customizable and easily altered to fit different applications, we are able to provide many base styles that can ultimately be changed to fit whateever your needs may be. Whether you need a vinyl picket fence with narrow spacing top prevent your dogs from escaping your yard, or you need a vinyl shadowbox fence to enclose your pool, we've got you covered. Click the link below to view our full selection of vinyl fencing sections.

Explore our vinyl fencing gates

Every vinyl fence needs at least one gate, most vinyl fences have multiple gates installed. We are equipped with state of the art vinyl gate welding machinery and technicians that are capable of crafting the highest level of PVC gates available on the South Florida market. So whether you need a single walk gate, a double gate, a roll gate or something totally custom, we can ensure that your needs are totally met. Take a look at our selection of vinyl fence gates below, then contact us to learn how we can customize sizes and styles to fit your entryway needs.

Explore our vinyl decking

If you live in South Florida, you are fully aware of how the local climate effects any wood used in construction. Wooden decks are made totally obsolete by comparable PVC decking material. We sell a wide array of colors and lengths available in full bundles, or in single boards. Vinyl decking and fascia boards can also be used as a creative replacement for wooden boards in all sorts of applications such as custom gates, garden furniture and accessories and much more. Click below to visit our decking page to learn more.

Why buy from pvc fence supply?

PVC Fence Supply is a vinyl fence fabricator and wholesaler located in Palm Beach County. We provide vinyl fencing products to fence contractors, general contractors, home remodelers and the general public throughout South Florida, the Caribbean Islands and Latin America.

Our management team has over 30 years of experience in the vinyl fence industry and strives to provide the highest customer service and PVC products available anywhere in the world. Our vinyl fences, vinyl gates, vinyl railings and vinyl decking products are manufactured and extruded in The United States of America from premium quality materials. We offer you only the most exceptional residential & commercial grade vinyl products available anywhere in South Florida.

There are other options when purchasing vinyl fencing or other vinyl based products, but none of our competitors can reach the level of commitment we have for our customers. Join the PVC Fence Supply family, and contact us today for a free quote on your next project.

We're a south florida vinyl fence company that you can trust.

South Florida businesses can sometimes be incredibly difficult to deal with. Our competitors are no different - that's why we have made it our specialty to go above and beyond the standard for customer interaction, pricing and quality. You simply won't find another vinyl fencing manufacturer that cares about it's customers as much as we do. When you buy from us, we treat you with respect and friendship, and that's something you just won't get when you buy from Home Depot, Lowe's or any other PVC fence wholesaler in South Florida.

Custom Products

PVC Fence Supply's shop is equipped with the highest level of fencing machinery available in the world. From our state of the art shop, we're able to create virtually any custom vinyl fencing product imaginable.


When you purchase a big ticket item like a vinyl fence, you want to make absolutely sure that your order is going to be perfect. We assure 100% satisfaction when dealing with us, and we go the extra mile to ensure you're happy beyond expectations. And once your new fence is installed, you can rest easy knowing that it's covered by a limited lifetime manufacturers warranty.


We supply specialty vinyl products and fencing accessories that cannot be beat in quality and price by our competitors such as The Home Depot and Lowes Hardware Stores.

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