At PVC Fence Supply, we offer a wide variety of colors and textures, and we specialize in customizing unique fence vinyl styles based on our clients’ specifications. The vinyl fencing industry has experienced significant advancements in recent years, leading to several standout trends in colors, textures, and exclusive designs. Here, we highlight some of these trends:

• Wood-Textured Vinyl Fences:
Vinyl fences that replicate the aesthetic appeal of wood have become immensely popular, mainly due to their low maintenance requirements. The trending colors and tones range from light grey to black (cold colors) and light tan to dark brown (warm colors), mimicking the appearance of reclaimed or stained wood. These creative and sought-after fence styles are perfect for individuals who admire the rustic look but desire the durability of vinyl. Explore our exclusive Cypress and Gray Color Design for a perfect blend of rustic allure and modern longevity. Several manufacturers use terms like wood grain or variegated to describe these new vinyl fence colors, offering a sharper appearance and enhanced durability compared to wood.

• Dark Colors:
Contemporary shades such as anthracite gray and black have gained significant popularity in the design world. These colors exude a sophisticated and modern vibe. Our Midnight Black Collection perfectly encapsulates this trend. Our black color C-PVC fence line is highly sought after by buyers looking for a contemporary and elegant look. Thanks to a special chemistry formula developed over 20 years, our black color vinyl fencing retains its original color and glossiness. At PVC Fence Supply, our Broward Fence Style in black vinyl color is heat and windstorm resistant, boasting vinyl and aluminum reinforcements that ensure its integrity and longevity.

• Mixed Designs:
Our semi-privacy vinyl fence styles, including Miami Style, Bahamas Style, Boca Raton Style, Vero Basketweave, Saint Lucie Style, and Key West Style, are among the most popular choices among our clients. These styles offer high opacity fence panels, ensuring privacy while minimizing wind resistance. Featuring horizontal members, these modern designs are appreciated in the construction industry. In locations prone to tropical storms and hurricanes, such as Florida, these fence styles are highly recommended. At PVC Fence Supply, we specialize in customizing any desired semi-privacy fence style according to our clients’ preferences.

• Privacy Fences:
As urban areas continue to expand, privacy fences are gaining traction. These fences have no gaps between panels, ensuring maximum privacy. Our Privacy Fence line has been crafted with this trend in mind. Our private vinyl fence styles, including Broward Style, Palm Beach Style, Melbourne Style, Riviera Beach Basketweave, and Boynton Style, are in high demand amongst our clients. These fence styles offer complete opacity, providing privacy, security, and sound barrier characteristics. Some of these styles can be combined with a semi-privacy portion to reduce wind resistance. Privacy fences are the most popular and cost-effective choice in the fencing industry. At PVC Fence Supply, we have heavy-duty materials and engineering expertise to construct the strongest privacy vinyl fencing in the market. For clients in areas prone to tropical storms and hurricanes, we offer thicker vinyl profiles, steel and aluminum reinforcements, ensuring optimal strength.


Choosing current design trends for your home goes beyond aesthetics or being in vogue; it is an intelligent investment. By incorporating modern and popular designs, such as high-quality vinyl fences, into your home, you enhance your daily enjoyment, satisfaction, and ultimately boost your property’s value. Homes that reflect contemporary designs and feature sought-after elements often command a higher resale value. Potential buyers recognize and appreciate these features, which means you can expect a higher return when you decide to sell. Therefore, staying updated with current trends is an effective way to ensure that your home not only looks great but also stands as a valuable investment for the future.