The Top Seller Vinyl Fence Styles from PVC Fence Supply

At PVC Fence Supply, we manufacture and distribute more than simple plastic fences. Our products are reinforced and designed to be extra-durable, without compromising elegant and innovative aesthetics. With the help of advanced technology, we have created more than 15 exclusive fence designs that vary in dimension, picket opening and more characteristics.

You already know acquiring a new vinyl fence will help you increase the curb appeal of your property, provide protection to your loved ones and give you the privacy you’re looking for. What you may not know yet is which fence style is the right fit for your needs. We want you to find the best option for you, so we’ve enlisted the TOP SELLER pvc fence styles from PVC Fence Supply!

#1 Popular Choice: The Palm Beach Privacy Fence Style

Vinyl privacy fence provides complete seclusion, defines boundaries, reduces noise, and is very resistant to the weather elements in Florida. Vinyl privacy fence is made to completely enclose your property while also adding a sleek, contemporary ornamental element to your landscape thanks to its solid panel construction. It is the most widely used and affordable fashion.

Our Broward and Palm Beach Privacy Fence Styles are the most popular residential and business fence style. Your yard may be divided into quaint little micro-environments with the aid of our pvc-vinyl privacy fence.

  • Noise reduction
  • Property demarcation
  • Water feature safety & compliance
  • Increased property value

We recommend this fence style to homeowners, contractors, installers and anyone who’s priorities include having full-privacy and defined boundaries.

Available in white, grey, tan and black colors.

#2 Best-Seller: The Key West Louvered Fence Style

While most other fence pieces require rails in addition to pickets, vinyl louvered fencing parts just have pickets. Inserting each horizontal part, or picket, directly into both posts on either side secures it. The pickets are angled to produce a design that is absolutely private unless viewed from above by rotating them 18 degrees.

  • Utilizes only pickets as opposed to rails and pickets
  • To promote both seclusion and windflow, each picket rotated.
  • An affordable alternative to concrete louvered walls
  • Excellent replacement for conventional semi-private fence

Our sales team recommends this design for customers going for a less traditional look that stands out, allows airflow and still provides big amounts of privacy.

Available in white color.

#3 Most Requested: St Lucie Shadowbox Fence Style

Vinyl shadowbox fence is permitted for use around pool enclosures and borders because it provides visibility when viewed from an angle and seclusion when viewed straight on. Vinyl shadowbox fence panels are made to provide some seclusion without obstructing airflow or yard sight.

  • When seen directly, it is private, but when seen from an angle, it is semi-private.
  • Windflow is significantly greater than privacy.
  • Stronger sections result from stronger components.
  • Available in both conventional and pool-code models.
  • Certain HOAs and some cities require its use

Ideal for: pool enclosures, property landmarking with an alternative look and some visibility.

#4 Most Demanded: Hollywood Picket Fence Style

Same specifications as the Fort Lauderdale picket fence, with a slightly different aesthetic. Closed pickets with a smooth design that can be considered more visually appealing.

  • A closed-picket layout
  • Options for adjustable picket spacing
  • available picket widths in various sizes
  • Suitable for garden fencing, front yard fencing, and pool fencing

#5 Preferred by the Public: Fort Lauderdale Picket Fence Style

Vinyl picket fence is the most open fencing style of fence, providing the maximum visibility and airflow while allowing the least amount of seclusion. A more durable and easy-to-clean alternative to traditional wood picket fencing. There are several height and width modifications, picket alternatives, and picket spacing options available.

  • Open-picket style
  • Available in a variety of picket cap styles
  • Options for adjustable picket spacing
  • available picket widths in various sizes
  • Suitable for garden fencing, front yard fencing, and pool fencing

PVC Fence Supply can manufacture this fence style for anyone looking to landmark their property with no need of full-privacy and lots of airflow. What a fresh style!

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