The Right Way To Clean A Vinyl Fence

You can’t go wrong with a vinyl fence around your property. They’re a breeze to set up, look terrific, and provide the utmost security. Vinyl fencing’s shiny modern appearance appeals to many homeowners because it requires far less upkeep than traditional wooden fencing. In contrast to fences made of many other materials, vinyl ones are astonishingly simple to maintain.

Additionally, PVC fences never rot, warp, or crack. It doesn’t attract insects and can be left unpainted and unscraped. However, vinyl fences are constantly exposed to pollution, so they should be washed and wiped down to keep their clean look. This is especially important in dusty and rainy seasons. Following these simple instructions will make the cleaning process on your vinyl fence easy and efficient.

Clean Your Fence Using a Hose 

A hose cleans your fence of any dust and grime without causing any damage. You should begin by spraying your vinyl fencing construction with a moderate- to high-pressure hose to determine its resilience. If you want to get more out of this process, installing a high-pressure nozzle may help. 

In many cases, this is all that is required to restore the fence to its original beauty.

Formulas for Homemade Cleaners

The White Vinegar Formula

  • Mix white vinegar and water (about half a cup of vinegar per gallon) 
  • Take a rag and soak it in the cleaner, then wipe off the fence. 
  • Spray water on your fence to clean it.

White vinegar kills dozens of bacteria, making it an excellent solution for cleaning surfaces. There should be five minutes between applying the cleaning solution and letting the vinyl fencing dry before attempting to clean it again. Eliminate dirt and soap scum, and then rinse the fence with water to restore its original color. Do this and watch your fence shine again!

The Dish Soap Formula

  • Blend a teaspoon of dish soap into a large container of warm water. 
  • Stir the liquid around so that bubbles form. 
  • Scrub your fence using a gentle object like a soft sponge.
  • Rinse with water and let it air-dry.

Bleach it! 

If the previous methods fail, use a bleach solution only on white PVC fences, as bleach will dull your grey or tan fence. As long as you dilute the bleach properly, you shouldn’t have any problems. Consider using a bleach/water ratio of 1:5. Wearing rubber gloves will keep your hands safe when scrubbing your vinyl fence. To reduce the amount of bleach solution you’ll be exposed to, a pump sprayer could be useful.

*PVC Fence Supply Tip: Eco-friendly and nontoxic cleaning solutions can be used to properly maintain and protect your vinyl panels, and if necessary, a soft toothbrush can be used as a gentle scouring tool. When cleaning your vinyl fence, avoid using harsh chemicals or powerful disinfectants.

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