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Our PVC — vinyl gates are heat welded with high-tech machinery and great quality vinyl extrusions to produce the most functional and durable gates in the industry (Our gates are not mechanically assembled with rivets nor screws). Pedestrian gates come in standard widths such as 48” and 60” to match the height of the fence style chosen. All gates can be specially ordered in size, style, and color to fit any opening for single pedestrian gates, double pedestrian gates, or drive-in gates applications.

For large entrances, we offer swing gates and rolling gates with PVC pickets inserts and powder-coated aluminum framing, available upon customer’s request.

Available in a large variety of styles, sizes, and color options.


Available Fence Height(s)3', 4', 5', 6', 8'
Available Fence Width(s)6'
Post Dimension5" x 5"
Post Wall Thickness0.135", 0.165", 0.270"
Rail Dimension3" x 3" x 71"
Rail Wall Thickness0.090"
Picket Dimension7/8" X 6" Ribbed
Picket Wall Thickness0.045"
Available Color(s)White, Tan, Grey

Premium quality vinyl gates made right here in South Florida.

Learn why there's no better place to purchase your gates from than PVC Fence Supply.

Quality vinyl gates at fair prices

When you purchase a new fence, the gate is typically the only part you will use, and will probably use on a daily basis. You can't take the chance that your gate will fall apart or break when it's the main thing standing between you and your property, or an intruder and your property. Our vinyl gates are incredibly durable and very well crafted. You will absolutely never have to worry about them failing you. Not only will you get a gate that will last you a lifetime, you can also rest assured that they won't break your budget. We have gates of all sizes and shapes and can work with you to settle on the best price for everyone.

Welded with state of the art equipment

We've gone through alot of trouble to ensure that our vinyl gates last a lifetime, so in order to provide you with a perfect entryway, we've spared no expense when it comes to manufacturing equipment and tooling. Our two point vinyl window welding machine has been customized to weld our gate corners into an unbreakable joint. We then take the incredibly strong welded frame and trim, sand, polish and assemble until your vinyl gate is perfect. It takes an experienced technician to make a great gate, so we've hired master tradesmen to guarantee an amazing finished product.

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