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Haven’t heard about Rockledge?

To thank you for choosing the highest quality of products, here you have a complete guide to know more about the location on behalf of PVC Fence Supply:

About the City and the Name

Rockledge is the oldest city in Brevard County. It is bordered by Cocoa to the north and Viera to the south. The story behind the name mentions a guy called Cephas Bailey Magruder, who constructed his residence near the Indian River after moving to the region in 1876. Magruder’s house was dubbed “the rockledge residence,” and the term was later applied to the entire community. It was previously known as Rock Ledge, and the two-word term stuck throughout the nineteenth century. It is located immediately east of Orlando along Florida’s central Atlantic coast. 

The History Behind the City

The Indian River runs through Rockledge, which lies just inland from the barrier islands that separate it from the Atlantic Ocean. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the town featured numerous major hotels that catered to Northern travelers seeking to escape the severe winters. The Hotel Indian River, the Plaza, and the Rockledge Hotel, all located north of Barton Avenue and overlooking the river, were among them.

In the 1960s, when it became a bedroom community for the adjacent Kennedy Space Center, Rockledge expanded farther west and south. With the launch of the Apollo missions and the space shuttle program, the city attracted hundreds of families from throughout the country.

The Space Coast was formed when pioneers and visitors risked the insects, the terrain, and the severe Florida heat to visit the area, which was known for its wonderful hunting and beautiful waterways.

Humid, baby

 The Köppen climate classification for Rockledge is Cfa, which means it has a humid subtropical climate. The Gulf Stream, which flows off the east coast of Florida, is the primary reason of the area’s hot and humid environment. The region is characterized by two distinct seasons. The first is hot and wet, and it lasts from June through late September, and the dry season, which runs from October to May and features cooler temperatures and less precipitation.

Living in Rockledge

According to the 2010 census, the population was 24.926 people per square kilometer, with a population density of 716,82 people per square kilometer. Rockledge is one of Florida’s nicest locations to live. Inhabitants of Rockledge enjoy a sparse suburban vibe, with the majority of residents owning their houses. Rockledge is home to a large number of young professionals and retirees, and its public schools are well regarded.


There are a number of activities one can enjoy in the place. These include :


There Are Several Activities One Can Enjoy In The Place. These include :

  1. Playing golf at the 18-hole, par-71 course at Rockledge Country Club, which has been a local golf fixture for more than 100 years and is considered by many to be one of the state’s most picturesque and popular courses
  2.  Going to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, where the Space Shuttle Atlantis and NASA’s launch headquarters are located, and it’s been the heart of America’s space program for decades.
  3. Taking a walk at the Indialantic Boardwalk and Park, which is also the starting point for an annual triathlon that’s a festive and much-loved winter event.
  4. Visiting the Wild Ocean Seafood Market. The seafood offerings at the market are noted for their high quality. Tours run for about an hour and are conducted regularly.
  5.  Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, which is located on the same barrier island as the NASA John F. Kennedy Space Center, is one of Florida’s best-preserved coastal habitats and is 100% worth the visit.


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