Vinyl Gates Manufacturer – How PVC Welded Gates Are Made

Behind The Curtains

The procedure begins by taking a blank, uncut PVC profile, such as a pocket rail, to the frame’s size, then cutting each end to a 45 degree angle.  For vinyl welded gate frames, a 2′′ x 6′′ pocket rail is employed. Once the components have been cut to size, they are placed in the welding machine, which holds them in place, melts the edges with hot plates, and then pushes them together to form an extraordinarily strong frame. 

These frames, which can be created to any custom size up to 16 feet long and attached to a steel framework, may be made to any bespoke size.

Hot Air Welded

To begin with our vinyl gates welding process, we first need to make sure the conditions for the manufacturing process are optimal. The welder has to be in a dry, clean atmosphere. It should be kept away from draughts, which might cause the heater plate to cool, resulting in a poor weld quality.

 By pushing compressed air across electrical heat sources, hot air welders produce the heat necessary for welding. The generated hot air is transferred to the welding spot, melting the thermoplastics’ surface. As the molecules between the two surfaces intermingle and cool, pressure is applied, and a weld for your premium vinyl fence forms.

Thermoplastic materials with a thickness of 1.5 mm (1/16″) or greater are commonly utilized for hot air welding. Welders that can be used on the go are available. As a result, hot-air welders can make welds in a variety of forms, including curves. It’s great for when the weld width has to alter often or when the welding process necessitates repeated beginning and stopping.

VInyl Fence Kits

These kits consist of tiny panels that are put together in such a way that they function as a gate. A post, similar to a fence panel, is on either side of these gates. To hold the rails to the posts, they are either screwed or riveted in place. In severe scenarios, this type of gate has all of the same structural flaws as a bracketed vinyl fence panel, and if you reside in an HVHZ zone, you can be sure that this gate will not endure through even a category 1 hurricane.

Superior Manufacturing at PVC Fence Supply

The benefit of PVC welding over typical gates manufacturing processes is that the gate’s frame becomes a single, homogeneous product. These welds are extremely robust and can be created at a low cost since they are literally melted and forced together.

 Without the need for extra bracing, our revolutionary PVC Fence Supply gate designs provides homeowners with both strength and aesthetics. Premium self-closing hinges, latches, drop rods  and any other hardware needed is  included in gate kits. Remember: no fence is effective without the appropriate hardware to keep gates locked and your property safe.

Welded With Cutting-edge Technology 

We’ve gone the extra mile to guarantee that our vinyl gates last a lifetime, therefore we have invested on top manufacturing equipment in order to present you with the perfect gateway. Our two-point vinyl window welding equipment has been modified to fuse our gate corners together permanently. The process continues: we cut, sand, polish, and install the exceptionally durable welded frame until your vinyl gate is perfect. A fantastic gate requires an expert specialist, thus we’ve employed master craftsmen to ensure an outstanding final product.

Premium Quality At Exclusive Prices

The gate is usually the only section of a new fence that you will utilize, and chances are it will be used on a regular basis. When your gate is the only thing standing between you and your property, or an intruder and your property, you can’t afford to have it come apart or shatter. Our vinyl gates are extremely long-lasting and well-made. You will never have to be concerned about their failing you. You may rest confident that not only will you obtain a gate that will last a lifetime, but they will also not break your budget. We offer gates in a variety of sizes and forms, and we can work with you to get the lowest pricing.

Now you know our PVC — vinyl gates are not mechanically assembled with rivets nor screws, but heat welded using high-tech gear and high-quality vinyl extrusions to create the industry’s most functional and durable gates. To match the height of the fence design chosen, pedestrian gates are available in conventional widths such as 48″ and 60″. For single pedestrian gates, double pedestrian gates, or drive-in gates applications, all gates may be custom ordered in any size, style, or color to fit any opening. Swing gates and rolling gates with PVC picket inserts and powder-coated aluminum frame are available upon request for big entries. There are many different styles, sizes, and colors to choose from.


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