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Buying vinyl fence in Lantana has never been easier.

A new vinyl fence, vinyl gate or vinyl deck is the perfect addition to any home in Lantana. But when you start searching online for the right vinyl fencing fabricator, you can very quickly get overwhelmed with misinformation. It can be extremely difficult to discern where you should buy from in Lantana, and where you should avoid at all costs.

Luckily, here at PVC Fence Supply, we go above and beyond to make the vinyl fence purchasing process as quick and easy as possible. Our manegement and shop employees are some of the best in the industry, so we can answer absolutely any question you can think of. And, if you're obtaining your own permit in Lantana, we can provide you with engineering drawings and a full guide on how to handle the process.

Navigate to the column to the right to find links that will guide you through the permitting process for your new vinyl fence in Lantana. If you've got any more questions - contact us! We're here to help.

We sell the highest quality vinyl fencing in Lantana, FL.

When you spend a large amount of money on any product, whether it be a television, a cell phone or a car, you always do your research first to make sure that you are purchasing the best that your money can buy. Here at PVC Fence Supply, we sell only the highest quality vinyl fence profiles, extruded in the United States by Veka. Most other vinyl fence wholesale companies sell an inferior product, so when choosing between your vinyl fence cupply companies for your project, make sure to ask what extruder they buy their profiles from - there's always a chance that your will be tricked into purchasing a product made in China that is subpar in all ways.

The biggest advantage of installing vinyl fence in Lantana over wood fence, chain-link fence or aluminum fence, is that PVC fence components almost never require maintenance. They look the same on day 1000 as they do on day 1. Due to specialized chemical engineering, vinyl fence profiles have a hearty resistance to UV rays, water, and other natural deteriorants such as wind and insects. So, if you choose to buy cheap and inferior product, such as the vinyl fence panels that Home Depot or Lowe's sell, you will end up having a fence that is not engineered to withstand the South Florida elements, like our PVC products can. When you shop with us, you truly get your money's worth and you get what you pay for.

Why install a PVC fence on your Lantana property, instead of wood?

In Lantana, Florida, the elements are far more harsh than in other parts of the country. As we all know, South Florida is prone to severe weather phenomena such as hurricanes, salt air and various degrees of tropical storms, causing severe stress on any outdoor building material used on your property. Because of these acts of God, Lantana homeowners need to pay special attention to their choice for fencing materials installed around their backyards and frontyards. I can't tell you how many wooden fences were decimated by the most recent hurricane in South Florida, but what I can tell you is that we did not have a single vinyl fence destroyed - now that is truly amazing. Here are some of the main reasons why vinyl fence is preferable to wood fence:

  • Vinyl fence requires 0 maintenance, wood fence requires constant maintenance such as painting, staining and cleaning.
  • Wood fences can be easily destroyed by sever wind-loads, vinyl fences are rated for hurricane zone wind capacity.
  • During the extrusion process, vinyl fencing profiles are coated with a capstock that is chemically engineered to withstand the sun, the elements, and any other outdoor hazard.
  • Wood fences tend to rot because of humidity, vinyl fences will absolutely never rot or crack.
  • Vinyl fencing materials come in a wide variety of colors, wood can be painted and stained but the color is impossible to maintain whereas the vinyl coloring will never change.
  • Vinyl fence panels are engineered to blow out during the most severe hurricane wind loads - wooden fences get destroyed during hurricanes because they do not have this feature, they snap and fall down instead of flexing.
  • Wood fences do not come with a manufacturers warranty, Veka warranties our products for a lifetime.

Best selection of vinyl fence styles in Lantana

PVC Fence Supply has numerous base styles to choose from, with a nearly infinite variety of customization options or add-on options if basic isn't your style. Read a bit about what we do below, then contact us to find out more.

Buy Vinyl Privacy Fence Panels in Lantana

Vinyl privacy fences are, by far, the most common fencing style to install on your property in Lantana. Privacy fence panels add security and total privacy to your home, each panel is 100% opaque, and makes it impossible to see into your property. Since this is the most common style of vinyl fence, it is also the most cost effective, and has the shortest lead times of any vinyl fence style. Usually, if you place an order for a vinyl privacy fence, you can expect everything to be ready with hours. At any point in time, PVC Fence Supply stocks 1000's of linear feet of vinyl privacy fencing profiles, so you will never have to wait for your order. Should you want something a little fancier than standard privacy, you also have the option to go with vinyl privacy fence with lattice accent, vinyl privacy fence with picket accent, or our premium vinyl privacy fence panels that use a larger and thicker decorative rail.

Buy Vinyl Shadowbox Fence Panels in Lantana

Similar to wood shadowbox fence, vinyl shadowbox fence features an offset pattern of pickets wherein on picket is on one side of the panel, and the next is on the opposite side of the panel. Each picket slightly overlaps the other, creating privacy from the front and a slight semi-privacy when viewed at an angle. Some cities in South Florida, like Coral Springs in Broward County, require vinyl shadowbox fencing and do not allow other types of vinyl fence to be installed. This style of vinyl fence is more expensive than standard privacy, but also looks far more unique and modern. If you have a pool on your property, we modify the standard placement of the centered mid-rail to be raised in order to meet South Florida building codes.

Buy Vinyl Picket Fence Panels in Lantana

Picket fences are the perfect option to enclose your front yard or to enclose your pool. In vinyl fencing, there are two standard options when it comes to picket fences, either open picket, where the pickets extend through the top rail, or closed picket, where the pickets do not extend past the top rail. For vinyl open picket fences, you can choose from multiple different picket cap options including sharp and dog-ear. You can also choose to have the pickets all the same height, have them scalloped, or have them arched. There are also two different choices of picket widths, either 1.5" wide or 3" wide. Lastly, if you have small animals or children, we can make sure that the spacing between the pickets are minimal, instead of a larger spacing, which is standard.

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