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PVC Fence Supply’s experienced staff members possessed a vast knowledge in exporting fencing building products right to the door of our Caribbean neighbor countries such as Aruba, Bermuda, Bahamas, Grand Bahamas, Abaco, Cayman Islands, US Virgen Islands, Panama; Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago and others. Whether you have a freight forwarder or cargo company in mind or not, PVC Fence Supply can take care of the entire freight process until fencing materials have been received at the fence job site in your country. We endow with our vinyl fences, vinyl gates, specialized vinyl fencing hardware and more fence accessories to the local supply houses, hardware stores, building material outlets, fence dealers, fencing companies, real estate developers, general contractors, homeowners and the general public for a comprehensive fence installation. When it comes to deciding between a wide range of fence vinyl companies and PVC fence manufacturers, we first need to understand the fencing needs of the properties in the region. Installing a fence for a home in Vermont (a state with one of the coldest weather in the US) will never have the same approach as for a location with warm, humid weather such as Aruba, the Bahamas or Puerto Rico. It is a fact there are multiple fence materials such as wood, metal, and chainlink that are always available in the market. However, it is also true vinyl fence materials are not only the most aesthetically pleasing, but also represent the greatest number of benefits for your home.


Why choose PVC over other fence materials?


PVC vinyl fences were initially offered in the early 1980s as a low-maintenance, long-lasting fencing option for ranchers and farmers. The material grew in popularity over time, and it was later offered as a residential fence alternative as well. Homeowners value the material’s sturdiness and resilience to the weather, as well as its low costs of reparations and wide range of designs and colors. 

What we mean by low-maintenance 

 Vinyl fences don’t need to be painted or stained, and their surface isn’t easily scratched. They’re also simple to clean. Because vinyl is nonporous, if your fence becomes dirty, you can simply spray it all with a hose to remove it. Another advantage to take into consideration is that if you have dogs or children, you won’t have to think about splinters as you would with a wood fence.  Keep in mind that white shows dirt more than other colors, so vinyl may be your best choice if you want white.

The best for the Caribbean’s Weather

 Vinyl fencing materials are one of the most popular fencing products due to their unrivaled durability. It’s weather-resistant, which means it won’t rot, rust, fracture, or splinter when confronted with high temperatures that happen a lot in locations like Gran Bahamas, Jamaica, Islas Caimán, US Virgin Islands, Abaco Islands and pretty much the entire Caribbean, especially in months like June. In climates with a wide range of weather conditions, a vinyl fence is an excellent choice.

The Best Fence Manufacturer and Distributor

Built in the United States

It assures that the vinyl fencing is of the finest quality. All of the leading vinyl fence manufacturers are based in the United States.

Designed and Built by Fence Experts

PVC Fence Supply’s 30 years of experience speak volumes. Being in the market for a long time, we know what homeowners, contractors and builders need: the highest quality for the lowest prices. We are the ideal fence company to develop and produce innovative styles while maintaining great quality and manufacturing. 

Complete Customization 

Like all of the greatest vinyl fence manufacturers, PVC Fence Supply creates a one-of-a-kind fence to your requirements. Whether it’s a specified height, width, style or color, we can take on made-to-order projects for your home in the Caribbean Islands.

Production and Delivery in record Time

Even if PVC Fence Supply is located in Florida, we produce and ship your order to the doors of your home anywhere in the Caribbean faster than any other US company. You can either call us at +1 561 249 3937 or send us an e-mail at [email protected] to get started. Our team of experts is ready to guide you through every step of your successful fencing project. 

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